At Callbox Storage, we are here to help make your life easier. We have prepared a list of commonly asked questions below.

Why Callbox Storage?

Callbox Storage is a full-service storage company with free pick ups and deliveries. With over 30 years of combined experience in commercial real estate, our founders discovered a big need for service and convenience in the self-storage industry. We have created an easy process for storage that alleviates every pain point associated with traditional self-storage facilities. We pick up and load your items, store them in our climate-controlled facility, and provide you with a photo inventory of your items. When you want your items back, we return your items on demand when you need them.
Callbox Storage arrives at your location with a vehicle and a team of Storage Professionals ready to pick up your items for storage. We will inventory all your boxes and furniture items with a unique barcode, photograph every item to be stored, and transport your items to our secure storage facility. Whenever you want one or more items delivered, simply login to your Callbox Storage account, make your request and schedule a return delivery. Want to add items to storage? We can do that too!
Callbox Storage is built on the belief that life is better when difficult tasks become simple. With input from industry experts, Callbox Storage has designed a platform which streamlines the process of storing your items. We pick up your items for free, store them, and return your items on demand with free delivery options. We provide you with a personal account to view and manage your items so you will always know what is in storage.
Callbox is for anyone who needs an off-site storage solution such as:

  • Apartment dwellers and homeowners who need more space in their home or garage
  • Newlyweds or new parents
  • Families going thru life changes such as down-sizing
  • Students
  • Interior decorators who need a tool for their clients
  • Households that need a storage solution for items such as extra furniture, holiday decorations, or sports equipment
  • Business travelers who need a storage solution
  • Businesses such as retail stores, condominium complexes and senior care providers that need extra storage space
Make a reservation by signing up on our website. Or, call one of our Storage Coordinators at (833) WE-STORE.
Callbox Storage is available in Austin, Dallas, and Houston with additional markets coming soon. Please call us at (833) WE-STORE to inquire about your location if you are not sure.

What does it cost?

There is no minimum term to use Callbox Storage. Payments are made month to month with a minimum paid commitment depending on the length of use. Some charges apply for deliveries of large items requiring two Callbox professionals and deliveries that exceed the maximum allowed per month. For further details, please see our full terms of service.
We recommend you place a reservation with the amount of storage you expect. Then, a Callbox Storage Coordinator will contact you to make sure you have the right amount of space reserved. Your Storage Coordinator will review the items you need to store and confirm your recommended Callbox size. Need to add a few items or decided against storing a few items on the day of pickup? No problem. Our Storage Professionals will update any last minute additions or changes when at your home and confirm the amount of space needed for the best rate possible. With Callbox, we determine the exact size storage unit for your items so you never have to guess.


Callbox Storage stores all items in a state of the art facility. Our space is controlled by Callbox so your belongings are in excellent hands. Our facility is designed for the safe storage of household goods, including boxes and furniture. They are climate-controlled and monitored 24/7. We avoid exposing your items to peaks and lows in temperature and other elements that can cause damage.
We are happy to store most of your items with the exception of our storage limitations . We can store larger items like furniture, sports equipment, rugs, mattresses, and appliances that have been properly disconnected and drained prior to pick up. We do require that all non-furniture items be boxed. We understand that some items, like bicycles, lamps and other items cannot be boxed and we can take those items as-is. Just be sure that furniture is ready to be moved and drawers or cabinets are emptied. We will bring moving blankets and protective furniture covers at no additional cost.
You can view your stored items by logging in to your Callbox Storage account. You will be able to view all of your items in inventory, make delivery requests, and view your account information.
Yes! Our facilities are not open to the public and are monitored 24/7. We use our own Callbox Storage team of professionals to handle your items. We use moving blankets to keep your items safe in transit and they are covered and protected when placed in storage. Our facilities are designed for the safe storage of household goods, including boxes and furniture. We avoid exposing your items to peaks and lows in temperature and other elements.
Yes! We can provide light assistance packing your boxes for your pick up at a charge of $45 per Storage Professional.


The best part about Callbox Storage is our ability to store your items when you aren’t using them, and bring them back when you need them. With the input from industry experts, we have developed a platform that enables us to streamline the process of storing your items and bringing them back on demand. Deliveries are typically made within 48 hours or can be made sooner if needed.
You can request a delivery by logging into your Callbox Storage account, selecting the items you want returned, and scheduling a time with a Callbox representative. Yes, it’s that easy!
Please view our delivery pricing HERE.


Yes. We will pick up your items for free assuming you are organized and ready for us when we arrive. This includes the following:

  • Box your items prior to your pick up time
  • Take down and package your pictures and frames
  • Ensure your appliances are disconnected in advance and properly thawed out (plan in advance as this takes time)
  • Take down and box your TVs
  • Take down your bed set
  • Empty out dressers and box their contents
  • Ensure arrangements are made for our trucks to park

Additional time required for Callbox Storage to organize and pack your items is billed at $45 per hour, per Storage Professional.

Our Callbox Storage Professionals will greet you and do a walkthrough of your home to ensure we understand which items you would like to send to storage. We will pick up items inside your home as long as they are accessible so that you don’t have to. It is important to properly box and mark items that you would like to send to storage.
As we are picking up your storage items (an item is defined as a furniture item, box, or larger item that will not fit in a box), we will photograph the item and assign unique barcodes to each item before securely loading it in our truck. During the pick-up we will work with you to determine what your storage needs are in order to best inventory your items.
While the majority of items can be stored in your Callbox, there are certain items we cannot store for the safety of your goods, other customers’ goods, and our employees. The items you cannot store are listed below:

  • Food or perishable goods.
  • Unusually large and heavy items such as pool tables, pianos, heavy steel grills/smokers, and hot tubs.
  • Vehicles or aircraft, hovercraft, motor vehicles, engines, and trailers. At the sole discretion of the Company, we may allow small vehicles that can be maneuvered and moved with ease as long as they have been properly drained of any fuel.
  • Antiques (100 years or older, whether or not fragile).
  • Illegal substances such as drugs, drug paraphernalia, stolen goods, or other items concealed from authorities related to legal matters.
  • Anything flammable such as lighter fluids, acetone, gasoline, paint, kerosene, radioactive materials, flammable briquettes, batteries and propane.
  • Any personal property which would result in the violation of any law or regulation of any governmental authority, including, without limitation, all laws and regulations relating to Hazardous Materials, waste disposal and other environmental matters.
  • Hazardous materials.
  • Items that are combustible or expand over time or with changes in temperature such as oxygen tanks or similar containers.
  • Construction debris, tires, oil, or batteries, whether new or used.
  • Firearms and explosive devices including ammunition, flares, fireworks and other explosive items.
  • Pets, birds, fish, or animals,
  • Items that emit fumes,
  • Items that can rot or breed bacteria such as food products, animals or pet food, fertilizers, pesticides and other items such as bacterial cultures and test samples from live specimens,
  • Boxes > 70 pounds or beyond the weight capacity of the box as determined by the Company,
  • Appliances must be disconnected, thawed out, and drained prior to pick up. We will not disconnect your appliances or take appliances that have not been adequately drained.
Boxing your items is important to ensure the safety of your items in storage and the safety of our employees as some boxes can become over our weight limit. In order to ensure your items are stored as securely and efficiently as possible, please see the guidelines below:

  • Strategically sort, group, and pack items together that you’ll likely want back at the same time. For example, store all your decorations together so you can easily identify them.
  • Add a note on top of each box of the contents, like “camping gear” or “3 to 6 month baby clothes” so you can easily locate your items.
  • Manage the weight of your boxes. Small boxes are for heavy items such as books and large boxes are for lighter items such as pillows.
  • Empty out dressers and box their contents.
  • Wrap items such as plates and cups in newsprint paper or packing paper and stuff gaps with rolled up t-shirts or packing peanuts to avoid them shifting in transport.
  • Disconnect all appliances prior to our arrival. Refrigerators and freezers need to be thawed out and drained before we can take them to avoid leakage on other items. This can take up to 24-48 hours.